This is a tool to compute the MusicBrainz disc id from a CD image, in CUE/WAV or other formats. It’s licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 (or later).


  • New image-id release 2.1.0

    This release switches the build system to gnu autotools, allowing me to add some logic so you can build against either libmirage 2.1 or 3.0! (Older versions of libmirage are not supported) You now use the standard invocation ./configure && make to build the package, and there is a working make install as well. Download…

  • New image-id release 2.0.0

    A new version of image-id is now out! No new features, this release is purely to fix compatibility with the new version of the libMirage library, version 3.0.x. If you have an older version of libMirage, please continue to use image-id version 1.0.0. Grab the code from the Github release page.

  • Release version 1.0.0! (And 1.0.1, you know, because)

    There is now an official release version (or two) of the image-id tool! This release is the final result of both porting image-id to use the latest 2.0 API version of libmirage, and adding support for reading MCN and ISRC numbers from disc images. There is some work in progress that might allow these to…

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Getting the Source

The latest stable release of this code is available on the Github releases page. Using a release version is preferred, unless you’re interested in development.

The alternative way to get the source for image-id is via git. Grab it with the following command:

git clone git://

Note that when building from git, you must run ./ to generate the configure script before you can run it.


  • libdiscid, from
  • libmirage ≥ 2.1.0, from – Note that libmirage changes api fairly regularly; if the latest version doesn’t work, you might want to try an older version. Ping me if this happens and I’ll update image_id, or send a pull request with the required changes on github. The current release is known to work with libmirage 2.1.x and 3.0.x.

Build Instructions

In current releases, the build system uses autotools. To build, please run:


And then if you’d like to install it, sudo make install.


The typical use of image-id is when you have a CD image in CUE/WAV format. In this case, you can simply run:

image_id CDImage.cue

And image-id will print a summary of the disc’s TOC, along with the FreeDB and Musicbrainz CD identifiers. For convenience, it will also output a link look up the disc id on Musicbrainz.

Some things to note: Current versions of the libmirage library are somewhat touchy with the formatting of the CUE file. For best results, please encode the CUE file in UTF-8 or ASCII, and make sure the filenames in the CUE file match the real files on your system exactly.