Riker is dead, long live Riker!

I haven’t made any progress on Riker in a while; this project is basically going nowhere. On the other hand, if you have some ideas for an awesome MusicBrainz integrated player application, get in touch; I’d love to have the “Riker” name live on.

Riker is some in-progress work that I’ve been doing on a player which can take advantage of enhanced metadata from  MusicBrainz. This page is a bit of a placeholder, as I don’t have any usable application yet. It’s coming, but slow going so far.

Generated documentation for the Riker code can be found on GitHub hosted page for Riker.

Defect and issue tracking is being done on the GitHub Issues page. If you have any great ideas for things that should go into a MusicBrainz-enhanced player, please add them there! I also have a UI mockups page on the GitHub wiki.

Keep track of progress by watching the GitHub repository; I’ll also post updates on the Riker Google+ page.


  • Riker 0.1

    I have now created a distribution file for Riker 0.1. It’s not a music player yet; instead, it’s a proof of concept for two things: Using gstreamer to read tags from files, and using Vala bindings for libmusicbrainz4 to perform a query on the MusicBrainz webservice. Get it from the Github Releases page. If you’re…

  • Vala Bindings for libmusicbrainz4

    When developing Riker, I had a bit of a choice – I could either write (from scratch) a new library to interface with the MusicBrainz XML webservice, or I could create bindings to access the existing libmusicbrainz library from within Vala. Up to today, I’ve gone a little ways down both paths, and both have problems. If…