Kepstin’s Q1 2011 Anime Tierlist

Instead of making up arbitrary numbers about how awesome (or not) each show is, I have simplified the rating system based on a simple measure: How likely am I to watch a new episode of a show when it comes out? Here’s the ranking.

Updates whenever I feel like it. Check back later, collect them all!

God Tier

I will not miss a single episode of one of these shows. I’ll be polling the internet waiting for notifications of new episodes to come out…

High Tier

These shows have shown themselves to be pretty good, so I’ll watch them if I notice a new episode’s come out and I have some time to spend on it.

Mid Tier

I like these shows, but not enough that I’ll force myself to keep up with them. There’s a chance I might not ever finish them, or that I’ll finish them after the season’s over.

Low Tier

These shows are barely amusing enough that if I’m bored I might go check to see how many episodes I missed.

Garbage Tier

These shows don’t interest me at all, and I’ll probably never watch them unless someone somehow convinces me to.

Not Ranked

These series I either haven’t seen or haven’t heard enough about to place on my ranking list. Give them a couple episodes and some word-of-mouth, and they might show up somewhere. Or not.


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