Summer 2013

I have now rejoined the ranks of the anime-watching, I guess! Here’s the list of things that I care about in the upcoming season. Expect this page to change over the course of the season.

Just to note, this list is way absurdly too long. I wonder what I’m going to end up dropping.

Continued from last season

Wait, what, I actually watched things last season? Well, no, not really. But I went and marathoned a few shows to catch up.

New this season

  • Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 – it has Makino Yui, And if I’ve learned anything from past shows like C -Control- or Sora o Kakeru Shoujo or Tsubasa Chronicles, that doesn’t mean very much. But it has at least one character with a voice actress I’m a fan of :)
  • Some more The World God Only Knows, too.
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA. There is no way this can not be awesome. It’s as if they’d made a third season of Nanoha. Possibly almost as good as a Tsukihime anime, should they have made one.

Things where I used to be more than a season behind and had to catch up first

  • The second season of the “Monogatari” series. I’m kind of surprised how far behind I am on this; I have to watch Nise- and Neko- (Black) to catch up before starting on this. Which is probably a good thing, because knowing SHAFT it’s not going to come out on schedule anyways. (I’m now caught up on the previous shows, but Crunchyroll has this on a delay…)
  • There’s new Rozen Maiden, but I haven’t seen any of the previous work. So, yeah. (I’ve now watched the entire first season, and have started this. It’s awesome!)

Things that aren’t actually from this season at all.

  • Captain Harlock
  • My Little Monster (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun). Picked it at random, but it’s surprisingly sweet.

Things that I thought I wouldn’t watch, but upon further reflection changed my mind about

Things I’m probably definitely not watching

  • Fantasista Doll – it has surprisingly well-animated plaid skirts. But that’s about it.


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