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New image-id release 2.1.0

New image-id release 2.1.0

This release switches the build system to gnu autotools, allowing me to add some logic so you can build against either libmirage 2.1 or 3.0! (Older versions of libmirage are not supported)

You now use the standard invocation ./configure && make to build the package, and there is a working make install as well.

Download from the Github release page.

Release version 1.0.0! (And 1.0.1, you know, because)

Release version 1.0.0! (And 1.0.1, you know, because)

There is now an official release version (or two) of the image-id tool!

This release is the final result of both porting image-id to use the latest 2.0 API version of libmirage, and adding support for reading MCN and ISRC numbers from disc images. There is some work in progress that might allow these to be automatically submitted to musicbrainz using a future third-party tool.

The release notes and download files are available on the Github release page.

Note that 1.0.1 is a sort of brown-paper-bag release; I’d forgotten to pull before tagging. There is no reason for you to use 1.0.0; please go with 1.0.1 instead.

Riker 0.1

Riker 0.1

I have now created a distribution file for Riker 0.1. It’s not a music player yet; instead, it’s a proof of concept for two things: Using gstreamer to read tags from files, and using Vala bindings for libmusicbrainz4 to perform a query on the MusicBrainz webservice.

Get it from the Github Releases page.

If you’re running Linux, I invite you to give this a try!

To build, run the standard ./configure; make stanza. Please do not install this package yet, instead run it from the source directory.

Usage is pretty simple. In the source directory, run

./tagread file:///home/user/Music/path/file.mp3

It should print out information pulled from the file, including tagged MBIDs, and then perform a query on the MusicBrainz webservice – printing out the fetched release title.

If you have any issues with reading file tags or with the query, please let me know by sending me an email, or creating an issue on the github issues page.

Distribution-Specific Build Notes

For Ubuntu, you will need the following development packages installed:

  • libgee-dev
  • libgstreamer-plugins-base-dev
  • libsqlite3-dev

Although Ubuntu has a “libmusicbrainz4-dev” package, it is either broken or out of date. You’ll have to manually install a recent libmusicbrainz4 beta version, which can be downloaded from