Spring 2014

It’s spring, the sun is hidden behind the clouds, the snow is gently falling then getting heavier and heavier until we’re buried. Again. In the subzero weather.

This being Canada, it’s nice to escape to Anime for a bit; so lets see what’s in the upcoming season.

Things that are SHAFT

  • More *Monogatari. Maybe. I dunno what’s going on this this.
  • Mekaku City Actors (KAGEROU PROJECT). Why didn’t anyone bother to tell me that SHAFT was doing this? How did this even happen?
  • Nisekoi, which I’m going to have to marathon the first chunk of to catch up. Strange that SHAFT is continuing a show while starting a new one.

I’ll give these a shot.

  • Mushishi, to help us recover from the frantic energy of everything else.
  • One Week Friends – Girl has impossible metal condition where she can remember everything except personal relationships, which she forgets after a week. Looks super-cute.

Shows that got good reviews of ANN and I should probably check out

  • Captain Earth. Which sounds like the most horribly show ever, based on the title alone.
  • Chaika – The Coffin Princess – Hmm. I’m not usually one for these sort of serious fantasy shows, but I might take a look anyways.
  • If Her Flag Breaks (Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara) – The show takes the concept of ‘flags’ from dating-sim games and turns it into a character-visible mechanic. Somehow the show apparently doesn’t completely suck.
  • The World is Still Beautiful. Hmm. More fantasy. Maybe I’ll wait until this one’s completely aired so I can power through it if I decide I’d like to see it.

Nope. Or at least not for now.

  • Brynhildr in the Darkness – The maker of Elfen Lied comes back with a new show… that’s pretty much just Elfen Lied in HD. I’ve already seen said show, no real need to watch this now.


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