Summer 2014

The season is already almost over. What am I doing writing this up so late. At least I have a proper impression of all the shows that I’m watching…

Stuff that I’ve been looking forwards to every week

  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun – Lets just say that someone bought a domain just to make this page: Very lighthearted, interesting characters, drama-free. Available on Crunchyroll.
  • INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!? – Obviously a classic “harem” anime, most of the girls are invading a small apartment room for poorly defined reasons, battling it out with card games and silly challenges. But it’s pretty funny, and Sanae is particularly cute. This is on Crunchyroll too.
  • Locodol – Girls become local idols. Fun and entertaining. But that Uogokoro-kun song is starting to wear on me. Second-best battle scenes of any anime I’ve seen so far this season. It’s almost like I’m on a (crunchy) roll here.

Hmm. Seems like my go-to shows have all been silly/cute comedies. I guess I wanted some stuff to cheer me up.

Stuff that I sometime put off because it’s too drama-tastic

Case in point.

  • GLASSLIP – PA Works follows up their beautiful show Nagi no Asukara with a show about glass-making… No, scratch that. Teen romance/drama with some supernatural themes thrown in. Full of feels. Rolling with the Crunches.
  • Blue Spring Ride (Ao Hara Ride) – Obligatory shoujo series. I like it so far, and it seems like it’ll avoid the bad end to the love triangle that obviously has to be introduced into such a show. I’ve run out of funny things to say about Crunchyroll links.
  • Free! (second series) – Kyoani’s swimming show returns. Still decent, adds new characters, etc. Guess where this link goes.

Things that I’ve fallen behind on, or are continued from last season

  • Captain Earth – Continued. I’ve fallen behind since I’ve been watching it with friends, and I’ve been out of town for several weeks in a row. It has the most ridiculous Giant Robot combining sequence ever created for TV. Crunchyrolled.
  • The World is Still Beautiful – This fell down into the drama-tastic category last season, and I haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet. I suppose I should. Crunchyroll.
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA 2wei – The only reason I’m behind on this is because it’s presumably awesome enough to be worth watching with the friends I haven’t seen in a while. Crunchyroll.
  • Tokyo ESP – I’ve only seen one episode of this, dunno whether I’ll do more. Seems a bit too serious for my summer-time mood. Hah, you thought this would be a Crunchyroll link. Well, too bad; they don’t have the rights where I live! (To be honest, that’s probably the main reason I’m not keeping up with it.)


  • Strange+ – To be honest, it’s not actually any stranger. Big-name voice actors make butt jokes in this series of shorts. CR
  • Himegoto – This season’s other series of shorts. Cutest cross-dressing guy ever seen in anime. Except maybe Hideyoshi. Or Megumu. It’s close. CR

Seriously Junk

This stuff doesn’t even deserve the Crunchyroll links.

  • Bladedance of Elementalers – You can tell this isn’t going to be a great show right from the title. Mostly a fanservice vehicle. Animation quality isn’t even that great.

There’s also a bunch of BL-focused shows which I am not qualified to comment on. I’m sure there’s some other decent stuff around that I’m not watching, but maybe you should be. Go check stuff out for yourself!


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